Each person accommodated in Milenium guesthouse has a possibilityto rent a permit for 5 people in ZOO Liberec. ZOO in Liberec is the oldest ZOOin formal Czechoslovakia. Its roots go back to 1904. The whole area is about32ac large and guided tour is about 1.2miles long. Every year more than 300.000people visit it. There are keptmore than 1.500 animals and 172 species. Most interesting are, for example,these: „Golden takin“ - only breed outside of Asia, „Snow tiger“ - only breedin Czech ZOOs or „Beardedvulture“. You can get around the ZOO by small „train“ during summer. ZOOLiberec is open all year including weekends and national holidays.

Opening hours and prices:

In summer it is usually open from 8AM to 7PM. In winter from 9AM to 4:00PM.

Entrance is 130 CZK for adults, 90 CZK for children (age of 3 upto 15) and elderly people over 65 as well. For children under the age of 3 isthe entrance free.

Every one of our guests receives free tickets for 5 people inZOO, so as long as you stay at us, the entrance is free. For more information please visit:www.zooliberec.cz