In case of interest, breakfast or half board can be arranged upon arrival. This service must be ordered every day in advance.

We do not prepare breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

For breakfast you can walk to Crosscafe, which is 300 meters from our apartments. You have a 10% discount card at your disposal, which you can use at any time during your stay. They are open every day.


Breakfast is worn according to agreement in a pre-arranged time for the apartment or is prepared on the ground floor of the restaurant.


Dinner is served in the restaurant where you need to make a reservation.


Breakfast costs 140 CZK (or 6 EUR), an extended breakfast costs 190 CZK (or 8 EUR) / 1 person.


Half board costs 590 CZK (or 25 EUR) / 1 person and guests choose dinner from the daily menu.


What includes breakfast - 2 pieces of pastry, yoghurt, fruit, butter, honey, jam, tea and coffee.


What includes an extended breakfast - 3pcs of pastries, yogurt, fruit, butter, honey, jam, ham, cheese, (or scrambled eggs 5 pcs), tea and coffee.


At half-board, guests choose from the daily menu, which is always a part of the menu.