In case of interest, breakfast or half board can be arranged upon arrival. This service must be ordered every day in advance.


Breakfast is worn according to agreement in a pre-arranged time for the apartment or is prepared on the ground floor of the restaurant.


Dinner is served in the restaurant where you need to make a reservation.


Breakfast costs 100 CZK (or 4 EUR), an extended breakfast costs 150 CZK (or 6 EUR) / 1 person.


Half board costs 490 CZK (or 20 EUR) / 1 person and guests choose dinner from the daily menu.


What includes breakfast - 2 pieces of pastry, yoghurt, fruit, butter, honey, jam, tea and coffee.


What includes an extended breakfast - 3pcs of pastries, yogurt, fruit, butter, honey, jam, ham, cheese, tea and coffee.


At half-board, guests choose from the daily menu, which is always a part of the menu.